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CASATI, Pietro, instrument maker

Extrait des Registres de l’Académy Royale des Science, Inscriptions et Belles Lettres de Toulouse du 17 Aoust 1747 ... Le Sieur Pierre Casati ... a fait pour l’Academie ... des Thermométres et des Barométres ... ayant deisiré un Temoignage de l’aprobation ... [signed at the end by Henry-Bernard-Marie de Sapte (1707–1749), perpetual secretary of the Academy].

Toulouse: , 1747
Manuscript on parchment, 275 x 350mm, folded to 95 x 120mm with docket title ‘Thermometre Casati’.
Condition: Seal removed; small holes in folds not affecting the text.

A commendation from the Toulouse academy certifying that the Italian instrument maker from Molina (Como) has made thermeters and barometers of various kinds for members of the Academy, as well as other instruments of glass for experiments in physics with uncommon precision. Daumas notes that Flaugergues used two Casati thermometers to check the stability of the fixed points of a thermometer (Daumas, Scientific instruments, 1972, n. 220, p. 339) and Middleton picked this up but wrongly supposed him to be working at the end of the century (Middleton, History of the thermometer,1966, p. 103).
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