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LAVOISIER, Antoine Laurent (1743–1794)

Opuscules physiques et chimiques ... seconde édition

Paris: chez Deterville, An IX, 1801
8vo: a–b8 A–2E8 (–E8), 239 leaves, pp. xxx [2] 443 [3] (last 3 pages blank, including the blank E7). This uncut copy shows the final gathering is 2E8 and not 2E6 as Cole supposed.
3 folding engraved plates: numbered Pl. I–III, signed 'Gravé par Tardieu l'ainé' (bound at the end).
Condition: 210 x 135mm, untrimmed.
Binding: Original pink paper wrapper with printed paper label. Label rubbed and defective.
Second edition (first 1774). A new setting which must be distinguished from the re-issue of the first edition paginated xxx, [2], 436 with the same imprint and date as this edition. The first edition and its re-issue has plates signed ‘de la Gardette del. Et Sculp.’
Bibliography: Duveen and Klickstein 123; Cole 770.

The Opuscules was Lavoiser's first book and established his reputation. It was ‘a pioneer work in which he first gives a historical survey of previous workers’ efforts and then describes his own experiments on gases and the conclusions he derived from them’ (Duveen and Klickstein p. 94); and ‘an advance on anything that had gone before’ (Partington III, p. 393). Lavoisier sent copies of the first edition to both Priestley and Black.
Literature: Partington, III, pp. 388–394, gives a detailed analysis of the Opuscules, chapter by chapter.
Keywords:     chemistry