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The case of the malsters

London: , c. 1735
Half-sheet broadside 370 x 223mm, deckle edges on right hand and bottom margins. Woodcut headpiece and intial, docket title on verso. Old folds, short tear in central fold into the blank margin.
Bibliography: Hanson 4759; Goldsmiths’–Kress 7262; ESTC T57849.

A petition of farmers and maltsters wanting a law to oblige distillers to ‘Distill no Grain but what hath been malted’. They complain against the growing practice of the distillers buying barley directly from farmers and using raw barley-meal instead of malted barley, cutting out the maltsters and prejudicing the farmers interests by ‘lessening their Number of Buyers, and throwing them into so few Hands for so great a Quantity’.
ESTC locates 5 copies in the UK in addition to Columbia, Folger and Huntington.
Keywords:     brewing