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SCOTT, Sir George Gilbert (1811–1878) and others

SCOTT, Sir George Gilbert (1811–1878) and others

[7 views of churches]

London and Cheltenham: , c. 1841–c. 1850
7 tinted lithograh views, foxed, dustsoiled, and with some marginal chips and tears.
1. SCOTT, Sir George Gilbert and MOFFAT, W. B.
Saint Giles’ Church Camberwell. W. H. Webb Delt. A. T. Dolby lith. London, M. & D. Hanhart, c. 1844
Image (including lettering) 625 x 438mm; sheet 660 x 482mm. Marginal tears extending 5mm and 20mm into the image at the top.
The church was completed in 1844.
2. SCOTT, Sir George Gilbert and MOFFAT, W. B.
To the Revd William Edward Coldwell ... This view of the exterior of St. Mary’s Church, Stafford, shewing the contemplated restorations. London, Day & Haghe, c. 1845.
Image 497 x 334mm, sheet 512 x 356mm.
St Mary Castlechurch was built by Scott and Moffatt 1844–5.
3. WYATT, Thomas Henry and BRANDON, D, architects
View of the New Church at Wilton. London, Day & Haghe, 1845.
Image 443 x 289mm, sheet 550 x 368mm.
Wyatt and Brandon’s Italianate church was built in 1845 and the 15th century church partly demolished.
4. DAUKES, S. W. and HAMILTON, J. R., architects
View of S. John’s Wednesbury Staffordshire. Cheltenham, Rowe, c. 1846
Image 418 x 271mm, sheet 490 x 345mm.
The church was built in 1845–6.
5. STRIDE, Lewis, architect.
The New Church of St. Mark at Pensnett Staffordshire, the Foundation Stone of which was laid by the Hornourable Mrs. Claverton, March XX.VII, M.DCC.XL.VI. Interior View as seen from the Western Entrance as finished by Lewis Stride, Architect. London, Day & Son, 1849.
Image 465 x 306; sheet 544 x 381.
The church was built 1848–1849; the dedication at the bottom of the image is by the Rev. Francis Fowke, the first incumbent.
6. FRANCIS, Frederick John.
View of St. Michael’s Church, Howick, Northumberland, shewing the recent alterations and additions. London, Day & Son, c. 1849.
Image 247 x 296mm, sheet 310 x 461mm.
Francis published A series of original designs for churches and chapels in the Anglo-Norman, Early English, Decorative English and Perpendicular English styles of ecclesiastical architecture, also designs for rectory houses and schools (1841).
7. DEASON, J, architect.
Church proposed to be built at Woodlands in the Parish of Isleworth. London, Day and Son, c. 1850.
Image 462 x 601mm, sheet 327 x 422mm.
Not built?

The largest and most splendid of these views is Sir George Gilbert Scott’s St Giles, Camberwell. It was his first major gothic building and established his reputation as the leading Victorian Gothic Revival architect. The other views document the spread of this movement. These rare lithographed views of churches were produced by architects to show off their work and elicit funding for proposed buildings or improvements.