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Unsigned after Thomas HUNT

Unsigned after Thomas HUNT

A perspective view of an Engine upon an entire new construction for draining mines, collieries, fenny and marsh lands, &c. Likewise for supplying reservoirs, ponds, fountains & mansions with water in large bodies with a continual stream, invented by Thomas Hunt of London

London: printed for and sold by Carington Bowles, Published as the Act directs 25 March 1777. N.o 69 in S.t Pauls Church Yard, 1777
Engraved broadside, image 735 x 405mm, plate mark 750 x 405mm; sheet 790 x 515mm. Light discolouration in the margins, surface creases, tear into engraved surface reparied on verso. Framed and glazed.

A striking large engraving (31 x 20 inches) showing the four cylinder pump at a scale of 3 inches to the foot. The text describes the parts of the pump; modifications for use in different circumstances; and notice of a trial made at Newcastle in 1773 when Hunt received a donation of 300 guineas from the local gentry and mine owners. At the end is an advertisement for two other engineering prints, 1s 6d each, later impressions or copies of Valoue’s pile driver for Westminster Bridge (1738, see no. 15 above) and Labelye’s 1745 print of his ‘Engine’ for sawing off the piles under water during the construction of the same bridge.