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WHITE, George (1684?–1732) after a painting by John VANDERBANK (1694–1739)

WHITE, George (1684?–1732) after a painting by John VANDERBANK (1694–1739)

Nicolaus Sandersonus. A.M. Matheseos professor Cantabrigiae & R.S.S. J. Vanderbanck pinx. Ano 1719 pro Martino Folkes, Armo. Cui hanc tabulam humillime D.D. G. White

London: , c. 1719–1732
Mezzotint portrait, image and platemark 355 x 250mm; leaf 370 x 272mm; trimmed close along upper edge with slight loss of plate mark on the right hand side. Some light surface wear and soiling.
Bibliography: Goodison Cambridge Portraits 30; Wellcome 2609.1; Chaloner Smith 41; BM IV, p. 28 no. 1; Goodison 30; NPG D4163.

Nicholas Saunderson (1681–1739) was blinded by an attack of smallpox at the age of one. This remarkable man became the fourth Lucasian professor of mathematics at Cambridge, and lectured on Newtonian philosophy, hydrostatics, mechanics, optics, and astronomy. The armillary sphere is almost idendical to the one used for teaching by Clavius 100 years earlier, see no. 2 above. The painting by J. Vanderbanck was commissioned by Martin Folkes, President of the Royal Society, and now hangs in the Old Schools, University of Cambridge. George White executed over 120 portraits, mostly mezzotints, all of which seem to be undated.
Keywords:     ophthalmology