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Rider's British Merlin ... for 1784 [and other works]

London: , 1784
I. Rider's British Merlin: for the year of our Lord God 1784
Printed for the Company of Stationers, and sold by J. Wilkie,1784.
12mo: A–B12 C6, 30 leaves, pp. 60. Title printed in red and black, excise stamp on title, the calendar interleaved.
ESTC T45021.
II. A new edition, corrected to the 28th of June, of The Royal Kalendar; or complete and correct annual register for England, Scotland, Ireland, and America, for the year 1784.
London: printed for J. Debrett ... R. Crowder [and 9 others], [1784].
12mo: a6 A–B6 C4 D–Z6 2A2, 144 leaves, pp. vi [5] 277.
ESTC T220036.
III. Heraldry in miniature: containing the arms, crests, supporters, and mottos of the peers and peeresses of England, Scotland, and Ireland. Likewise the arms of the present baronets of England. To which is prefixed An introductory tutor, shewing the art of blazon. The whole engraved on copper plates, and designed as a suitable companion to the Royal Calendar.
London: printed for J. Rivington [and 23 others], 1781.
12mo: letterpress text: A4, 4 unnumbered leaves. Engraved plates: a2 A–B6 C2 D–K6, leaves, numbered p.1–4, 1–28, 5–16, 1–24, App^x 1–12.
ESTC N65997.
IV. [With additions.] A companion to the Royal Kalendar, for the year 1784: being a list of all the changes in administration, from the accession of the present King, in October, 1760, to the present time ... the thirty-seventh edition, carefully corrected.
London: printed for J. Debrett ... G. Robinson ... and T. Cadell ..., 1784.
12mo: A–O6 P2, 86 leaves, pp. 170 [2].
ESTC T163.
Condition: 137 x 75mm. A few pages cropped; 2 plates in Heraldry in miniature torn and slightly defective.
Binding: Contemporary red stained sheep, gilt spine, gilt borders to sides, silver clasps, marbled endleaves, gilt edges. A little worn.

An elegant compendium sold ready bound in gilt tooled binding with silver clasps for the well connected lady or gentleman. The separate components were also sold separately: the Rider's almanack, the Royal Kalendar and the Companion to the Royal Kalendar have printed prices on the titlepages (9d stitched; 2s bound; 1s 6d) while Heraldry in miniature is ‘designed as a suitable companion to the Royal Calendar’. The Royal Kalendar ‘Includes the names of government officials employed in America, and information on other American topics’ (Sabin 73796 citing the first, 1767, and later editions).
Despite the gap in the numbering of the pages in the plate section of Heraldry in miniature the work seems to be complete. The plates match those in the Bodleian Library copy of a 1777 edition (with additions to some plates).
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