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BUEE, Adrien-Quentin (1748-1826)

Parallel of Romé de l'Isle's and the Abbé Haüy's theories of crystallography. [As published in the Philosophical Magazine, Numbers 74 and 75.]

London: Philosophical Magazine (R. Taylor and Co., printers), 1804
8vo, A8, B4, 12 leaves, pp. 23 [1] (last page blank).
Condition: 230 x 145mm, untrimmed.
Binding: Stab sewn as issued, in fine condition.
Offprint, possibly re-set, from the Philosophical Magazine.

An important critique of Romé de l'Isle's system – which Boué characterises as descriptive, as opposed to Haüy's philosophical system – recognizing that Romé's selection of primitive forms was arbitary. It is quoted twice by Burke (Origins of the science of crystals, 1966, pp. 77 and 154) from a printing in Nicholson's Journal (vol. 9, 1804) where it was given the title ‘Outlines of the Mineralogical Systems of Romé de l'Isle and the Abbé Haüy: with Observations.’ Here it is introduced by a letter from R. Clifford who translated it from Buée's original French. Buée was in England at this time, having fled Paris after the Journée du 10 août (Hoefer).
Keywords:     geology