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CHEREAU, François, the elder (1680–1729), 1718 after LARGILLIERE, Nicholas de (1656–1746)

CHEREAU, François, the elder (1680–1729), 1718 after LARGILLIERE, Nicholas de (1656–1746)

Matthaeus Franciscus Geoffroy Parisinus Natus Anno MDCXLIV. Pharmacop. Par. Praefectus A. MDCLXXXIV. Aedilis A. MDCLXXXV. Consul A. MDCXCIV. Ob. A. MDCCVIII. Parenti optimo. Hoc pietatis monumentum consecravit Claude Joseph Geoffroy pharmaccop. Par. Praefec. Regiae Utriusq[ue] Scientiarum Academiae Paris. & Londin. Socius. N. De Largillière pinxit. F. Chereau sculp. 1718 Three quarter length facing front, standing in robes with right hand extended traversing the frame

Paris: , 1718
Engraved portrait, image 389 x 276mm; plate mark 400 x 290mm; leaf 565 x 418mm. A fine impression with good margins, untrimmed edges.
Bibliography: Wellcome 1103; Drugulin Verzeichniss (1863, reprint 1973) 1902; Roux Inventaire du fonds français IV, no. 38 (though dated 1713).

A fine portrait of Mathieu François Geoffroy (1644–1708), French pharmacist and holder of various offices of the Pharmaceutical Society of Paris. As the legend explains it was commissioned as an act of filial piety by his second son, Claude Joseph. Later, in 1737, he commissioned a similar portrait of his brother, Etienne François. Largillière specialised in portraits of the rich middle classes and his output was prodigious. He was director of the Académie Royale in his eighties, and was pivotal in the transition from the baroque to the rococo portrait style during the reigns of Louis XIV and Louis XV.
Keywords:     pharmacology